Atomy GSGS Strategy

Atomy’s Global Sourcing Global Sales (GSGS) is a strategy to expand globally by procuring products from around the world that meet our Absolute Quality Absolute Price standard and selling them through our global sales network. Atomy will become a hub of global distribution through the GSGS strategy, which embodies Atomy’s love for its consumers.

As more locations are opened in other countries, Atomy will become more active as we secure new markets and suppliers. And as the GSGS strategy is implemented, its overseas regions will advance as distribution companies by sourcing local products and exporting products abroad. Moreover, suppliers will be able to sell and export more products while consumers can take advantage of better products at lower prices.

If the world’s masstige products are sold around the world through Atomy, we will be able to compete directly with any other distribution company. Furthermore, GSGS will play a pivotal role in a new economic system in which consumers have more power and gain access to new masstige products from all corners of the globe. The GSGS strategy is key to the evolution of Atomy as a universal shopping and business platform.